Beige Duster & Pinstripes- Dublin Castle

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I’ve been coveting a pair of pinstripe trousers for ahhhges now but had an idea about them being high-waisted so figured I’d be dreaming for a long time before I got my hand on the perfect pair… that was until I stumbled upon this gem of a pair on Depop.

I don’t use Depop for shopping near as much as I used to as people using unrelated hashtags to make their items unfairly searchable just makes the process exhausting. You search ‘Whistles leather jacket’… you find an array of summer dresses, half used fake tans ect. It became painful to use as a search tool, so I stopped.

Having said that, I am still following some fab sellers on there so just scrolling my home feed allows me to unearth some gems which is how I came upon the latest addition to my wardrobe; these perfect pinstripe peg pants (try saying that after a few wine spritzers!)

Also worth mentioning from this look is this light beige duster coat that I managed to pick up in Primark on sale! Any money I ever spend in Primark tends to be on ‘essentials’ like socks & bobby pins to I was delighted to spot this little gem.. it’s the perfect transitional item as, honestly, even at the height of summer you’ll still need a coat in Ireland.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you guys are well & looking forward to the weekend. I have a few exciting plans which I’l no doubt be posting about on Instagram & Snapchat so, see ya there xx

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  • Anna K says:

    I saw that coat in Penneys! I can’t believe I didn’t get it now, looks amazing on you xx

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks babe 🙂 I was delighted when I stumbled upon it! Its not the warmest butt hats actually perfect for this time of year… well, not is we’r ACTUALLY getting snow next week! xx

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