Vintage Celine Bag

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Vintage Celine Bag

Sometimes all you need is one fabulous piece to make an outfit and, in this case, this vintage Celine bag is just that.
This bag was given to me by my very stylish late grandmother. It was bought in the Celine store in Paris many many years ago and, needless to say, its a treasured piece in my wardrobe… one of the few items I can say will never make it onto my Depop!
Aside from the fact that its bloody tiiiiny, its a very wearable bag. Timeless black with gold hardware, what more could a girl want? I styled this look around the bag & figured I wouldn’t do any sort of juxtaposition and, instead just go with the classic look for the bag by styling it with simple black and camel tones.
Another part of the outfit worthy of a mention is the heels… I bought these Zara dupes in New look a while back and they are surprisingly comfy. Although not practical for everyday wear, I am finding myself more drawn to pairing heels with every day looks lately. Not sure if its ‘just a phase’ or my taste changing but either way, I’ll definitely have to expand my heel collection before I venture into any way of thinking that involves them, I only have 2 pairs!

The rest of the look is simple mango and h&m pieces. The more I downsize my wardrobe lately, the more I am seeing what is truly important like these black slacks and classic black shirt which are absolute wardrobe staples. Ironically, I’m already finding it easier to put looks together since I cut my wardrobe in half so I would highly recommend it.

On the other hand, if downsizing isn’t your thing, you might find items you want to ‘upsize’ your collection with from the ‘shop’ section’ of the blog 😉

Hope you guys like the look.
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