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When I was contacted by the lovely mark up artist, Ann Marie Tiebel about doing a shoot with us I was only too happy to say yes! When it comes to make up, I have to admit that I just don’t get overly excited about it… while I believe that my collection of 8 white shirts, all varying slightly from the other are all absolute essentials, I’m baffled about a beauty lover’s need for an array of all seemingly similar foundations.

It was really interesting to see the contents of a make-up artist’s kit (it’s quite an impressive collection!) and, to see the skill involved in application. I have my day-to-day make up down (I hope!) but any of the more interesting make up looks are lost on me. I knew instantly that I wanted Ann Marie to do gel liner as I think that looks so bloody fab but have yet to even purchase a gel liner, let alone actually try it for myself. Petrified.

A lot of fashion bloggers seem to also have a keen interest in beauty but for me its more of a need than a passion… I have one foundation; when that runs out I will buy another but, my desire to own several at one is non-existent. In a way this can make beauty purchases very daunting as that one foundation is going to be my only one for months… So I better choose wisely!

I have too often been sucked in by the hype of the latest product promising X, Y & Z but, when I succumb to the hype & make the purchases, I’m usually left feeling underwhelmed. By my own admission, I am probably expecting far more than one product could ever provide but coming to this realisation has helped me take a step back from over-purchasing in the make up industry… leaving me with more money to over-purchase with in the fashion industry!

Having said that, I am still a complete sucker for hair products and am whooooole heartedly drawn in by their oh-so-shiny, skyscraper reaching volume claims. I refuse to even consider that the ads are far-fetched and believe beyond any reasonable doubt that the product will change my life… until I get my hands on it.

Since we are here I figure I should mention the actual outfit as this IS a personal style blog after all; The Blazer is H&M, as is the dress which is amazing for layering due to the asymmetrical hem. Hope you guys like it.

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