Best Dublin Charity Shops for Finding Gems

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Best Dublin Charity Shops

Aside from my experience travelling, people are most intrigued when I bring up ‘thrifting’ on this blog…. where I go, how to find places, how to know a good find and where to start. I’ve been thrifting for nearly 10 years now & have seen it go from being something many considered dirty & unpleasant to now being a hobby enjoyed by tons of fashion savvy ladies on their Saturday afternoon!

What attracts me most to charity shopping is not the price first & foremost, its the selection of clothes that is second to none. In any given charity shop you’ll find clothing from every decade & every part of the globe. They’ll evoke nostalgia (vintage pieces), wanderlust (pieces bought overseas) and a good bit of fun (any quirky piece you stumble upon that was picked up from god knows where).


dublin charity shops vintage pants close up 

dublin charity shops vintage pants


While I’m utterly delighted that charity shopping is no longer seen as gross and instead, as a way to add unique touches to your wardrobe with money leftover to wear them out for cocktails, there is a downside; there’s  not enough good stuff left for little ol’ me!!!

Yes, I’ve definitely noticed a decline in the amount of gems I’m smugly arriving home with after a day out storming the charity shops but I’m still glad to be sharing my charity shops with all you fine ladies…. and this post is out to solidify that sentiment.

Charity shopping in Dublin is somewhat of an anomaly, despite our little city having some absolute gems packed with wears that’d delight even the most skeptical of shoppers. I’ve been an avid charity shopper for years, often dragging friends along, regaling them with all that our little thrift stores have to offer. You can spend a day shopping for a new wardrobe, stop for lunch and still have change out of €50, now…. who can argue with that?!


 charity shops dublin dress close up

charity shops dublin dress

I’ve included some of my current favorite charity shop finds in this post to get your imaginations ticking… quite literally ahhhhnything can be found inside those lackluster doors so, what are you waiting for? Rally the girls, grab the bags & hit the stores for a fun day of shopping with a difference. If you find yourself empty handed come the end of the day I’ll be VERY impressed (… and a tad confused!)

Here are my top picks in the best areas of Dublin to spend you hard earned change;



 charity shops dublin wool top

charity shops dublin zara top



St Vincents, Rathmines

This shop is small enough but a gem or two can still be found. Vincent’s shops are well known for their ‘elegance’ sections where they offer designer/high-end high street pieces at a slightly higher price point; great if you’re looking for a special occasion outfit that you don’t want to see half the other guests in.

Irish cancer society, Rathmines

Arguably my favorite charity shop in the whole of Dublin. This gem is small inside but well organised… they get such a high footfall that the stock is constantly replenished; great if you’re a regular visitor but also induces fear in the thoughts that you may be missing phenomenal pieces if you’re not in there every day of the week!

Simon community, Camden Street

This shop has a brilliant selection of women’s dresses & jackets. I’ve found a good few ‘knew I had to have it as soon as I laid eyes on it’ pieces in here over the years. Also, its another shop I’d recommend if you are looking to solve that special occasion outfit dilemma.

Irish Cancer Society, Camden street

Small, yes but this shop is packing a serious punch; well organised, a great vintage selection & enough handbags to keep you stocked for a lifetime.


charity shops dublin hat

charity shops dublin dress shirt


Vincent’s, Aungier Street

The clunky plastic hangers that are an unfortunate trademark of Vincent’s are so cumbersome they’ll make you want to tear your hair out… they fall off the rail every time you touch a garment. Don’t say I didnt warn you!

Aside from the that you can find pretty much anything clothing-wise in this store. They have a permanent sale rack & ‘elegance’ section so, weather you’re feeling particularly flush or, practically broke there’s something in store for you!

St Vincents, George’s Street

Larger than a lot of other charity shops with a high ceiling (faaaancy) and a second floor house menswear & a great vintage section. This shop seems to lack the clutter than can often be encountered in other charity shops so its a great spot to ease yourself into the idea of thrift rummaging if you’re so far unfamiliar.

Oxfam, Georges Street

Some beautiful stuff to be found in this Oxfam’s great vintage section, they also have a bridal section that you couldn’t possibly pass on visiting if you have your big day scheduled. The rest of the clothes they have are pretty uninspiring & there’s not a huge selection so, if you like vintage definitely check this place… if not, give it a miss.


charity shops dublin top

charity shops dublin skirt


Dun Laoghaire

Vincent’s Dun Laoghaire

This small store is just full of hidden treasure…. it never seems to produce the same content over & over; instead you’ll find a trusty stream of gorgeous dresses, high quality coats & a few quirky vintage pieces thrown in for good measure. A great shop to start you’re Dun Laoghire day of shopping in.

Barnardos, Dun Laoghaire

Never one to leave this shop empty handed, this particular shop up there as one of my faves. They seem particularly keen on only offer high quality items so if your image of charity shop stock is moth bitten, threadbare clothing….this is the spot that’ll squash that dated notion.

Irish Cancer Society, Dun Laoighaire

As with all ICAs, the standard of stock in this shop is constantly high. Its always packed with customers which helps keep the turnover of clothing on offer really high and, the mishmash of eras that ICA tend to offer their apparel from will leave you nostalgic & bewildered at the same time; When we’re coat tails in fashion? Would I wear them now?

charity shops dublin shorts

charity shops dublin shirt



Oxfam, Phibsborough

Phibsborough’s charity shops offer a treasure of goodies & are more prudently priced than those of other areas. The shops are clustered around a cross roads so you can tick them all off in an hour or even less if you are impartial to the formidable charity shops musk!

Oxfam is a great place to start offering huge potential as the place to find that camel coat of your dreams… they have plenty of clothing from the older generations providing that vintage mix that our wardrobes are just crying out for.

Irish Cancer Society, Phibsborough

This branch is packed with great clothing & vintage finds. I don’t think I’ve ever left this spot empty handed so it is well worth ticking off.

Enable Ireland, Phisborough

Last but certainly not least…this shop never fails to impress even the most serious of charity shopping skeptics. If you round your day off in this spot you’ll be ending on a high note. Great selection of clothes with a brilliant range of sizes, there’s something for everyone in here.

Each of the 3 areas I’ve focused on have a great cluster of thrift gems which will keep you browsing until the sun goes down. On top of that they have a selection of cafe that you’ll need to pop into for hydration (& caffeination) throughout the day.


 charity shops dublin khaki shirt details

charity shops dublin khaki shirt

My Top Charity Shopping Tips:

  1. Don’t simply buy something because it is designer or a high street brand you aspire to. I made this mistake a lot at the start of my charity shopping career but, thoughtfully choosing what you really like is the best thing about charity shopping so relish in this & don’t be sucked in by labels.
  2. Take risks, there’s no better time to do this than when clothes cost the same as your morning coffee AND the money is going to a good cause. Some items I’ve bought on a whim have ended up as my most treasured possessions.
  3. Bring some reusable bags in your handbag; charity shops are often short on carrier bags or will offer you one that’s more than a little worse for wear so, spare yourself the situation of having a bag burst halfway down the road by coming armed with bags capable of taking on your charity shopping bounty.
  4. If you really love something but it is too big/too long consider getting it altered. A brilliant quality suit professionally altered to your exact shape will be a tailor-made piece for a fraction of the price.
  5. If you see a piece you adore but feel you have ‘nowhere to wear it’, buy it anyway. Next time that special occasion is sprung upon you, you’ll already have the perfect outfit & therefore won’t have to spend time frantically dashing around town in a panic or spending a ridiculous amount of your hard earned money on something you’re likely to only wear once.
  6. Bring cash as, most charity shops ain’t interested in anything else. Cash is king in this part of town.
  7. Cast your eye away from the clothes every now & then (if you can bare it!) charity shops offer great fare in the way of furniture, accessories, book & other trinkets… you never know what you’ll uncover when you walk through those doors.
  8. Try things on!!! Even if that’s not normally your buzz; clothing from decades gone by will fit completely different in a size ’10’ than those of today so just because the label says your size, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to squeeze into it come home time.
  9. Go for those prints! Now is the time to pick up those tacky fabulous printed shirts…. clashing print always looks amazing when done right & charity shopping is an ideal way to build up a great selection of prints for less than the price of a dinner out.


Charity shops dublin jacket

Charity shops dublin camel coat

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