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I really wanted to do a few Christmas gift guides this season but then decided against is as, I didn’t want to be recommending products I couldn’t personally vouch for. So, I scrapped the ‘few’ & concentrated on doing one bloody great gift guide instead!

In this gift guide there are 12 suggestion; things I’ve absolutely loved this year and therefore think your bestie/girlfriend/sister would love too. Below is direct links to each item & an overview of exactly why I loved these items enough to recommend them to you lovely peeps 🙂



– Any Chupi jewellery. Chupi is a gorgeous & very talented Irish jewellery designer… her pieces are adore far & wide for their quirky but wearable designs that are finished to an extremely high standard all wrapped in what is without doubt the most beautiful packaging you’d ever with to lay your eyes on.

-A cute cross body bag. Cross body bags have been having a moment this year for their great day-to-night qualities and, because they force you no downsize what you lug around on a daily basis. This Zara bag would be a beautiful gift and, at only €40 they’d get endless wear out of it.

-A personalised Laniblo professional hairdryer. These hairdryers have been the biggest hit in the hair world in 2016 & I can vouch for the fact that they’re fantastic. Something like this makes the most ideal gift as, its something they want but don’t want to buy for themselves.. things that fall under that category are always the best bet!

-An InStyer straight straitening hairbrush… I was somewhat skeptical about these as I imagined you’d have to run it trhough your hair so many times that you’d loose all volume- thankfully that’s not the case! These little gem have your mane in check in record timing, a great gift for the girl who’s always running late!


-Travel! Giving the gift of an experience is often more memorable than a tangible gift so, keep an eye for any flight sales, book an Airbnb & off you go! Sean & I did that last year; put money towards a January city break to Budapest instead of giving gifts & I absolutely loved it.

-A pair of Freddy Jeans. Giving a pair of these is quite literally giving someone the gift of a great bun! I’d lusted after Freddy jeans for a long time & haven’t stopped wearing mine since I got my hand on a pair’ super comfy, amazingly well made and oh-so-flattering… what more could they want!?

-The gift of great skin! I’ve been loving Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant this year & with their products being a little pricey (but well worth it!) they’d make the perfect gift for anyone who wants their skin to look it’s best.

-Pampering goodies. The generic boxed toiletries have gained a bad reputation but, a thoughtful collection of well picked pampering products will always go down well. I’ve been loving this Zoella Bath Latte (also available in Penny’s) for the ultimate creamy delicious smelling bath experience.

-Any of Body Shop‘s amazing new masks that seriously rival their much more costly competitors. We can be so busy fussing over everyone else in the lead up to Christmas that we forget to properly care for ourselves so, a product to really get her skin back on track will be very well received.


-Skincare investments. I’ve been using Environ’s intensive  Alpha Hydroxy cream for months & have noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. If the girl you’re shipping for is in her late 20’s then high quality skincare with active ingredients is a great Xmas gift.

-Great everyday makeup. Makeup can be a tricky thing to buy for girls but, goes down amazingly well when you get it right. a safe but great bet is a nude eyeshadow palette… something almost every girl would benefit from adding to their makeup arsenal.

This Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette is ideal… great pigmentation, brilliant collection of complimentary shades and, it won’t break the bank!

-Cosy Knits. Lets be honest, no matter how stylish a girl claims herself to be she likely can’t resist the appeal of an oversized knit… even better if that knit is chic & goes with almost anything in her wardrobe! That’s the case with this M&S knit I got at the start of winter & have been living in ever since!

I guarantee the lucky girl you’re buying for will get plenty of wear out of this amazing piece!

-A pair of investment shades. Good quality sunglasses fall into the perfect category of ‘want but don’t want to buy for myself” that I mentioned earlier…. These round Rayban sunnies are the perfect blend of quirky but still very wearable making them a great gift for the gal you have in mind.


Well, that’s if guys. I really hope you found this giftguide useful as its something I put an awful lot of thought into. I’d love to hear if you pick anything from this list for your bestie/sister/girlfriend… or even yourself!

Wishing everyone a gorgeous Holiday season xx

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  • Claire McNamara says:

    Great post Sarah. Absolutely love the photography. It is stunning. Did you do it yourself?

    • Sarah says:

      I did Claire, thank you 🙂 I really wanted to make it a personal guide by recommending things I already have, delighted to like it xx

  • Catherine says:

    I would love to order a Personlised hairdryer for my Daughter for Christmas. Can you let me know how much it costs. Her name is Michelle.

    Thank you .

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