The House Of Peroni's Food offerings are UNREAL this year! Here's what to expect...

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The House of Peroni Residency returns to Dublin this summer from July 5th-15th with an amazing menu offering from some of Ireland’s most exciting up and coming chefs, Hugh Higgins, formerly Head Chef at Luna, and Grainne O’Keefe, Head Chef at Clanbrassil House. I’ll be working with them to share some of the food and drinks choices with you guys and can already tell you from visiting The House of Peroni Residency over the last two summers in Dublin that it’s set to be an experience to remember!

They’ve really knocked the ball out of the park this year with a menu they have created of contemporary Italian dishes, using local producers like Toonsbridge Dairy and Gubeen Smokehouse and fresh, seasonal ingredients. And of course, not to forget an exciting new menu of Peroni infused drinks curated by Global Brand Ambassador Federico Riezzo along with local bartenders Andy Ferreria from Cask, Richie Delahoyde from the VCC and Stephanie Shen from Chelsea Drug Store.

The House of Peroni Residency is open to the public, complete with bar serving drinks and Cicchetti, and kitchen, serving evening dinner and weekend brunch in the restaurant, with something to suit every palette. So, what can we expect in terms of food? I popped in to visit the chefs last week and get a taste of what’s on offer-

The Heirloom Tomato and Ricotta Bruschetta was the first dish I was lucky enough to sample and, I don’t use the word ‘lucky’ flippantly here… it was quite literally the nicest bruschetta I’ve ever tasted in my life, the tomatoes were absolutely bursting with flavour, balancing the black garlic perfectly for a ‘dance in your mouth’ combination. I urge you not to miss this when ordering!

Next I tried the Crab and Courgette Flower which was made up of picked Castletownbere crab dressed with crème fraiche, herbs and preserved lemon with deep fried tempura courgette flower. Not only was this dish so incredibly light and full of flavour, it was also beautifully presented for those of us with a penchant for photographing our food before diving in!

Next up to try from The House of Peroni’s epic menu was the homemade Tagliatelle with Roaring Bay Mussels, this dish hit the spot for me on so many level; it was comforting, it was filling and both textures and flavours were beautifully balanced. An absolute must for pasta lovers.

One of the lighter menu offerings which I know a lot of you are going to be excited for is their oysters; Dooncastle Oysters, to be specific, dressed to perfection with Sicilian lemon, olive oil, black pepper and sea salt. Oysters are a real crowd-pleaser, the perfect accompaniment to a drink if you ask me so I’m delighted to see that The House of Peroni are offering them on all menus.

The final dish of many that I was lucky enough to try from The House of Peroni’s menus was a dessert worth waiting for; Poached Peach, poached in Peroni Ambra with sweetened mascarpone, smoked almonds and caramelized white chocolate.

It’s honestly hard to put into words just how delicious this dessert really was, how it managed to be light but still full of flavour, how incredibly well the Peroni Ambra syrup paired with the peaches so, I’ll leave it by saying that if you visit The House of Peroni and don’t finish your experience with dessert (or start it, no judgement!), you’re missing a trick.

Incredibly enough these are just some of the amazing menu offerings that you can expect from The House Of Peroni this year as the brunch and dinner menus boast even more delicious dishes from gnocchi, wild mushroom and fried egg to scrambled egg, nudja, confit peppers, Fingal Ferguson Charcuterie sharing dishes and more! As the self-crowned queen of Dublin events you can take it from me that The House Of Peroni will be a must-visit from July 5th-15th, it’s set to be a foodie’s playground!

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Peroni, always drink responsibly visit

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