Style Talk With The Independent - Look 2

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Style Talk With The Independent

This is the second full look from the style talk with The Independent. For this particular shoot I wanted to go for more of an elegant feel that my standard blog posts… I rarely get dressed up like this as I simply don’t go to that many dressy occasions but, I have an event coming up this week with a dress code so thought it was a good chance to plan a look to fit the bill.

21st season is over in my group of friends but we are all still a while away from ‘wedding season’ so opportunities to get fully dolled up are rare for me… not that I couldn’t just dress like this lounging around if I really wanted to but there’s more fun involved when planning the attire for an event!

Aside from the necklace, this entire look was acquired second-hand between thrift stores, vintage and Siopaella, proving that anyone can look fabulous, no matter what their budget.

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