Style Diary With the Irish Independent

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Style Diary With the Irish Independent

Soooooo, I’m very excited to tell you guys that my style diary with the Irish Independent went live today!

We shot 5 different looks across 5 different location around Dublin over the last 2 weeks; I was a bit tight for time getting it done squeezing it in between My holiday, Christmas, Work and a good dose of general ‘under the weather-ness’… I guess there’s a reason why my friends say I’m always busy!

It was an amazing opportunity as the is Ireland’s biggest news website so I got straight to planning & scouting location when the offer came in. An extra bonus about this feature is that I got to shoot the looks with Sean as my photographer, it was great to work on different project together and, to work with someone I’m so comfortable with. We put a lot of time into these shoots & I’m delighted with how they turned out, I hope you guys like them as much as we do!

I’ll be publishing 2 full looks from the shoot here over the next few days and, we also compiled a vlog overseeing the whole thing which will be live soon as well. To view the full feature see here; icomeundone style diary

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