November insta snippets

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November Insta Snippets

  1. Toying around with my new phone camera
  2. Visits to the happy pear making me a happy girl
  3. Loving photographing various parts of Dublin this month
  4. Sharing outfit details.
  5. New diary for 2015 planning
  6. Bruch details from Balfes in the city centre
  7. Late nights out followed by early morning courses means a day of excessive coffee consumption
  8. Snack details
  9. Brunch details from The table, Portobello
  10. Success at finding the perfect brown-nude lip
  11. Rainy day details
  12. collaboration meeting with Danu ceramics

Another busy month polished off & we’r into the last one of 2014!

Blog-wise, November saw the publication of my 10-look feature across 2 pages in U magazine, the begining of my first colaboration and, contact about more exciting news of publications & collaborations to come (keep an eye!).

The weather hasent been too bad in Dublin so there were lots of other non-blog related ventures shared through the i come undone instagram including the dedication to weekend brunching (daaaahling) as well as the usual amounts of dining out & attending events.

I finally got it together & upgraded to a phone with a camera that satasfies my constant photo-taking needs. I’d been managing on the i phone 4 but, already, only a week into being an i phone 6 owner, I dont know how I ever lived without it. I am nooooot a techy person so the other improved features pale in comparrison to the significanly higher quality camera which had me at hello.

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