My First Chanel With Brand Connection Paris

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If you guys follow me on Snapchat (username: icomeundone) you’ll know that I received the most beautiful vintage Chanel bag arrived last week from Brand Connection Paris, a designer consignment website that sells amazing pre-loved designer goodies in almost-new quality.

I’ve always been a fan of upstyling pre-worn pieces and have always had a passion for vintage- We live in a world where so many people seem to dress the same or wear whats ‘on trend‘ rather than cultivating their own personal style so, vintage gives us the opportunity to not only invest in quality but, also to own a piece that you’re very unlikely to run into someone else wearing… sounds like a win-win to me!


I’ve dabbled in the world of online designer consignment stores before but felt unsure as to whether I could trust the authenticity or, the stores were offering pieces that simple weren’t on-par with current season designer pieces. I wasn’t about to go dropping what is still a substantial amount of money (proving that Designer pieces really are an investment piece!) without being positive that I wasn’t about to be left disappointed.


Brand Connection first approached me about working together a few months back but, it was only when I took the time too look trough their site & get a feel for their ethos that I was really eager to work with them… they have a fantastic selection of gorgeous vintage as well as current season designer pieces; as a vintage lover and designer dreamer their site was music to my eager ears!


Rather than the odd vintage piece here & there, Brand Connection focus on unique vintage, going out of their way to source it which is something I really admire. Many designer consignment sites don’t sell or, rarely sell vintage so it was an even more exciting browsing experience to see so many luxury pieces from decades past.

Another thing that I really liked about their site is that they have a team of experts & former employees of the luxury brands they stock inspect each piece & ensure the items are genuine meaning my bag arrived with a certificate of authenticity included… a pretty nice touch!


On the exciting day that the package arrived it contained the beautiful bag itself in its dust bag wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap inside Brand Connection’s dust bag inside the Chanel box all inside the DHL packaging… phew!

It was great to see the bag exactly as described as Brand Connection are meticulous about describing any faults/flaws accurately- another thing I really like about their ethos. I saw on other bag’s descriptions that they were even pointing our minor shape loss when the bag was sitting, a level of detail that you don’t get with every vintage reseller.

I have no problem with minor flaws on vintage goods, its often to be expected but, its great to see sites going out of their way to note every minor detail so you can buy with confidence & know what to expect when it arrives.


The bag is an absolute dream, exactly the type of designer bag I feel is very ‘me‘ and although I know that luxury things are just that: things, I still have to say that I do feel a little pep in my step when carrying it…. its such a simple but beautiful piece, a little touch of class.

It goes with almost anything I wear (well, whether it ‘goes‘ or not is not really my call but I shall be wearing it with almost anything nonetheless!) and is the perfect size for my essentials without weighing me down when wearing it.


The leather is butter soft and the interior of the bag is in almost perfect condition just like the rest of the bag. I’m so impressed with how well the bag was cared for before it arrived in my hands… hopefully I can carry on the legacy!

If you’re thinking about treating yourself or a lucky loved one to a designer piece I’ve linked some of my favourite pieces from Brand Connection’s site here-

LV Keepall

Vintage Chanel

Vintage Chanel 

Drawstring Chanel

Carteir Shoulder Bag

Chanel Earrings


There you go guys, I really hope this post was helpful for those of you thinking of investing in a luxury item. Considering a trustworthy consignment site like Brand Connection makes designer pieces more accessible and, their array of choices from current season to vintage & everything in between offers a bag for almost every taste & budget.


**Disclaimer: Brand Connection Paris generourously gifted me this bag for review but did not dictate this post in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

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