My Botox Experience- Why, Where and Who

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If you guys follow me on Snapchat (username: icomeundone) you’ll already know that I had botox with Dental House last week which was my second time getting it for a significant wrinkle between my brows….

I’ll be honest; the wrinkle is very likely caused by how animated I am when I speak coupled with 2 years backpacking & constantly forgetting to wear sunglasses… pretty epic combo! I’d built an impressive amount of muscle either side of the already deep set wrinkle from being so expressive when I talk which was part fascinating, part terrifying.

Before I ever got botox the wrinkle looked like this-


I’m not the type of person to get obsessive over my looks or anything, it certainly wasn’t stopping me leaving the house or even causing me enough paranoia to believe that it was what people were looking at when they talked to me (ahhhh, the days of having an acne filled teenage face are thankfully long gone!) but, I did feel that it was quite pronounced for my age.

I always tell friends that, if something is bothering them they have to do something about it and if they’re not going to they’ll just have to get over it… I took my own advice.


A few hours before the treatment

As part of my recent treatment with Dental House they kindly offered my a consultation with their dentist who carries out their facial & dental aesthetic treatments, Jenny. As son as I met Jenny I felt at ease as shes a highly qualified, highly experienced professional, she took a look at my problem area & was happy to go ahead with the botox.


I had so many questions through Snapchat as I documented the treatment over there so I thought I’d answer them here-

Does It Hurt?

It is almost completely pain free as the needles are so thin. I would rate it a 3 out of 10 pain-wise

How Long Does It Take?

Jenny was very through in ensuring that my concerns were met & problem area were being tackled before we launched into the treatment but, after the initial consultation the treatment itself only takes a matter of minutes.

How Long Does It Last?

This naturally depends on the person but you can expect it to last somewhere between 3 & 6 months.

It had been 4 and a half months since my last botox but, even though it seemed to have worn off completely, the muscles weren’t as prominent either side of the wrinkle making it look less significant over all. Here is a (slightly terrifying!) photos of the area first thing in the morning before I’d ever had botox-


You can see that the wrinkle is quite deep set & looks more significant than it does in the image above a few hours before I got it done with Dental House.

If You Start Getting It Don’t You ‘Always Have To Get It’?

This was an idea I carried myself but rationally, we’d hardly ‘have to’ do anything! I was concerned that I’d feel like I looked extra wrinkly after the botox worn off but I certianlly didn’t find that to be the case in my experience. Nor did I just wake up with it gone overnight which was another question… it wore off so gradually that it was impossible to notice.

Is It Obvious Looking?

Not at all. In fact, Sean was very reluctant to have me get it thinking my face would look slightly paralysed or plastic but those fears were completely unfounded & I simply looked like myself… with a less significant wrinkle!


Straight after the treatment

Aside from that I think its worth noting that there is no aftercare (… aside from no vigorous face massages straight afterwards!)

Also, something that I was completely unaware of & therefore you guys might be too is that it takes a few days to kick in… I assumed the results would be instantaneous but they in fact take around 5 days to come into affect.

These photos are from 5 & then 7 days after my visit to Jenny-




I’m so happy with the results from my treatment with Dental House, Jenny a true professional but also totally down to earth, I knew I was in good hands with her & we achieved the exact results I wanted. Needless to say botox is a very personal decision, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘necessary’ age to get it but, if you are considering it I would highly recommend Jenny in Dental House.

For more updates on how the treatment settles make sure to keep up on Snapchat (username: icomeundone)



**Disclaimer: Dental House generously offered me this treatment complimentary as they knew it something I’d sought out previously. They have not paid me in a any way to review them or dictated any vocabulary in this post… all views completely my own.

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  • Helpful post, Botox is safe but ensured it must be approved for people 18-65 years old not for under 18 or over 65. Thanks for sharing.

  • jessie says:

    Refreshingly honest and insightful review, think I’m finally ready to get my own ‘character’ lines seen to 🙂

  • jessie says:

    Refreshingly honest and insightful review, think I’m now ready to get my own ‘character’ lines seen to 🙂

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