My 5 Fave Dublin Cafes To Work From

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I get asked about Dublin food scene a lot; Where is best for a birthday celebration? Best brunch in the city etc but, it can be hard to give definitive answers on these topics without knowing people’s price point, food preference & many other variables that create a gorgeous experience. One topic I do feel I can give generalised advice on is Dublin cafes that are deadly to work from…

You see, most of us require the same variables to create that great working environment; good coffee, accessible plugs and quite corners where we can cosy up & get down to business; The following cafes meet that criteria for me.

Simon’s Place, Georges Street

I’ve been going to Simon’s Place since I was old enough to leave the house on my own and, since that time absolutely nothing has changed about the place… which is what I love! The same thick mugs of coffee, the same tuna sandwiches with doorstop bread and, the same relaxed vibe.

A lot of people don’t know that this little Dublin institution has a downstairs area which is almost always quite & free to work in for as long as you please… the wooden seating is not the most comfortable I must admit but comfort can be the killer of productivity!


Dwarf Jar, Wellington Quay

This little gem boasts a fantastic coffee & tea selection as well as some of the best views in Dublin… stick around on Wednesday evening for the jazz played from their loft & change your coffee to a well deserved glass of vino, you have been working all day after all.

Kaph, Drury Street

Upstairs in this hip little cafe is a little laptop city… plenty of tables, plugs & natural lighting. Their coconut mix lattes are delicious, the staff are sound and the vibe is just right for an afternoon of working.

First Draft Coffee, Temple Bar

This gorgeous cafe is not only one of the most Instagram-able spots in Dublin, they also serve delicious food AND they’re dog-friendly! So why not grab your furry friend & work from this beautiful space for the day? The staff are so sound & the whole place is bursting with natural light… such a great spot.

Accents, Stephen Street

This is another spot that a lot of people seem surprised about it having a downstairs area; often when asked about good work-from cafes in conversation I mention the downstairs area of Accents & while most are familiar with the cafe itself, they’re mostly unaware that there’s a sprawling basement floor catering to everything to business meeting & loved up couples alike.

This cafe is probably the best out of all 5 for plug accessibility but,  it’s a very busy little spot so be prepared to wait!


Well there you have it guys, more of my Dublin secrets revealed! Do you guys work from these cafes? Are there other cafes worthy of the list?? Be sure to let me know!

Hope you found this post helpful xx

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  • Marina says:

    I love reading your articles, especially like this one because these are addresses I’ll go next time I’ll be in Dublin

  • Courtney says:

    Thanks so much for leaving your feedback! I already love two of these cafe’s but will have to try the other three 😉

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