My 10 Favourtite Outfits Of 2016

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As 2016 draws to a close I thought it’d be fun to reminisce on all of the outfits I shared on my Instagram account and, share my 10 favourites from the year with you guys as well as a little chat about what it was about those outfits that still do it for me.

Do you have a favourite? Any of them you don’t like? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments x


This outfit still floats my boat as it touches on the boho style that I love so much but rare lean towards any more as I don’t have as many of the frills & accessories I used to have before I started my wardrobe clearout.

That fur collar was bought at the Dublin flea & added to that jacket from a charity shop costing less than €10 for both… proof that style is attainable no matter what your budget x


I love the simplicity of the colours in this look & how the shapes do the talking. I’m a massive fan of kimonos & moved a lot more towards light kimono-type jackets like this in 2016 which I’ve gotten endless wear out of.


This is an outfit I wore on a night out during the summer (to a house party, hence the big bag to hold the vino!) & I loved the low cut top with leather look jeans to add a bit of drama but the kimono added over with simple ankle boots kept the whole things comfortable & very wearable.


I loved the drama of this look with the leopard print skirt & how I mixed sporty & girlie for a less obvious finish.


Hoops, slicked pony, Raybans & Reeboks… whats not to love!? I got great wear out of this white bomber over the summer too, I’ll be hanging on to that till next season!


This is a look I wore recently when Diageo kindly invited me to the Image Business Women Of The Year awards. I literally decided to attend about 2 hours before the event was due to start so there was no time for borrowing dresses/getting makeup done ect…

I was panicked that I’d feel really out of place just pulling something from my very limited wardrobe but, I actually felt perfect & very comfortable which is without doubt the most important thing. After all, if you don’t feel good in your outfit, you wont look good in it.


This is a look for the collaboration I did with M&S back in September… I saw it as the perfect opportunity to invest in some great seasonal pieces & I was really happy with the finished look.

The pencil skirt may not be traditionally ‘me’ but adding the statement bag & oversized knit brought the whole thing together perfectly.


This is a look that I wore to Sean’s 30th which was a manic day that left me with about 30 minutes to get ready! I knew I wanted to wrap my vintage Céline bag around a belt like that so kept the rest of the look simple to focus on that detailing.

I ended up being really happy with this look despite the chaos of getting ready which was a nice surprise!


I’ve really fallen in love with navy in the last year as a really wearable but slightly more polished alternative to black. I love the bold lip with the otherwise neutral palette and how the fedora stops the mannish tailoring of this look from looking too business-like.


Another outfit I love because I feel that the shapes alone keep it interesting rather than colours of prints. I love these ASOS slip ons for a little unexpected detailing & this roughly cut jumper paired with these vintage 1920’s trousers creates a silhouette that I am all about!

So there you have it guys, a year of trying to be stylish (… some days!) whittled down into 10 little outfits. I hope you enjoyed my style posts on Instagram this year & here’s to being even more fabulous in 2017! I’d love to hear in the comments about any of the outfits you loved or, really didn’t love! xx

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