Man on Bridge Exhibition 2014

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Man on Bridge Exhibition 2014

Photography, fashion, food and events are my 4 biggest loves so when three of them are combined I know I’m in for a treat. This weekend Arthur Field’s man on bridge exhibition launches in Dublin. Arthur stood on O’Connell bridge for over 50 years taking photos of Dublin’s people, he had a great eye for how an image would transpire and was undoubtedly a very passionate man.

Long before street photography or fashion blogging was the norm, this guy was chronicling the lives and wear’s of Dublin and every individual’s style. The company that are publishing the ‘man on bridge’ book asked if I would be interested in sharing a few images from the thousands taken by Mr. Fields over the years… Iv previously turned down companies requests to share various items due to simply not being interested but, in this case I was delighted to showcase a few images.

I visited the exhibition today and thoroughly enjoyed it; if you like street photography or vintage styles, this is the exhibition for you.

( If you like the look of these photos but can’t make it to the exhibition, the book containing these images & many more can be bought here; )

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  • a. says:

    Such seriously gorgeous street-style shots. Vintage beauty.


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