Laid Back Weekend Look

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Laid Back Weekend Look

Iv had a thing for oversized trousers since my teenage ‘rapper’ phase so when I decided that my life was no longer complete without a massive pair of back pants, my Dad’s wardrobe was the first port of call. They are more than just a few sized too big but that just makes them all the more comfortable. I can see these making ample appearances in my day-to-day looks.

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  • How do you make these look so good? I love borrowing/stealing clothes from my Mum and Dad but everything’s usually on the top half and I’ve never taken any of my Dad’s trousers…but you pull the look off so well! Jealous, as always. Rosemary x

    • Sarah says:

      Aw, thanks so much Rosemary, you should definitely grab a pair of you’r dad’s trousers…. so comfortable!x

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