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I recently had a jawline contouring treatment with The Avoca Clinic, as some of you may know. Jawline contouring is a treatment I have been looking in to for the last year so, when I saw that The Avoca Clinic had started providing the treatment I inquired about it straight away.

I’ve really noticed by side profile weaken over the last year or two; something I’ve arguably been a little overly conscious about as a weakened jawline is something that would run in my family. It can be hard to be in a line of work were you’re regularly photographed, I see so many photos of myself which can definitely lead to self-criticism and, while I would wholehearted consider myself to be a very confident woman, I’m unfortunately not completely immune to bouts of self-consciousness… with my jawline was one of the main culprits.

I started looking into jawline contouring about a year ago and was delighted to see The Avoca Clinic had started to provide the treatment as they’re a clinic that I know and trust. The treatment seemed straightforward so with that, I was eager to give it a go.

The Details:

The treatment involves adding dermal filler to define your jawline making your profile more contoured and defined

The results are instant and last about 18 months

The process involves rubbing a numbing cream into the skin then having the doctor inject a series of filler into and around your jawline, it takes about 30 minutes

It can be quite uncomfortable at times as the sensation of the needle pushing through can feel odd but, I would describe the overall experience as uneasy rather than sore

There was no downtime; Dr. Myers did warn of bruising but I personally experienced none whatsoever. There was no swelling although my jaw did feel a little tender for the rest of the evening and into the next morning.

Dr. Altona Myers who looked after me on the day trained in world-renowned Harley Street.  She was super professional I could see from her social media that she has done tonnes of treatments like this and is clearly at the forefront of bespoke facial aesthetics.

I’ve gone to The Avoca Clinic for my anti wrinkle injections for the last 3 years so I knew I could trust them 100%; Zara is there on arrival to greet me with a smile and the process is always straightforward and efficient. I’ve never taken the opportunity to go elsewhere for my cosmetic treatments as I truly believe from experience and research that The Avoca Clinic offer some of the highest quality of care in Ireland.

Like any filler it’s super important to build it up over time for a natural result so, as you can see below, while there’s a definite difference in my profile, it’s not extreme or unnatural looking. You could choose to get more filler but Dr.Myers seems to value a natural looking result which I admire and appreciate, she describes the ideal finished look to be one where ‘all of the angles of the face are in harmony’.

I’m delighted to see a more defined profile, it was such a straightforward procedure and something I would feel comfortable recommending to someone should they want to have more defined features.

Immediately Before & After


Before & After

I hope it goes without saying that my decision to get jawline countouring was well though out and researched, it was something I was looking at for over a year before I saw that The Avoca Clinic offered it. I went with a clinic that I trusted 100% and, as a result I have a natural looking finish with no negative side effects from the treatment. I would recommend The Avoca Clinic but, of course it’s important that each person does their own research to ensure that they’re fully confident with the clinic and the choose and the medical professional who is looking after them.

If you have any questions about the treatment which I haven’t answered here please do feel free to ask, if you are interested in the treatment yourself you can click here to read more.


Disclaimer: The Avoca Clinic kindly offered this treatment to me complementary. They have no influence or input on the wording of this post.

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  • Siobhan says:

    Hi Sarah,
    This is so helpful, thank you for sharing. Can you let us know approximately how much this procedure costs please?
    Thanks, Siobhan x
    Ps. Loving your new side profile!

  • Meg says:

    How much would this treatment cost approximately?

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