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What it’s like to be an Irish Fashion Blogger

Iv been blogging for just over a year now & people are often both intrigued and surprised by my heritage as an Irish fashion blogger. This seems odd to me as; I know the Irish to be a very style savvy bunch but, being a smaller population than a lot of the countries where big bloggers are based, I guess people are surprised that Ireland even has fashion bloggers… let alone that we have thousands!

I had followed other fashion blogs for years before I decided to start my own, I always found them to be a huge source of inspiration for styling. My most frequented blogs were based in all parts of the world but, one of the things I really liked about keeping up with Irish fashion bloggers specifically was that their seasonal style was so relatable. It can be frustrating to try to dress well in the height of Irish seasons as, our summer often isn’t quiiiiiite hot enough to rock the oh-so-coveted boho styles of our fellow Aussie fashion bloggers or, our seasons need outfits styled to contend with rain and gale force winds on a daily basis.

Having said that, I absolutely love being based in Ireland as a fashion blogger. Despite there being days on end where the weather makes it almost impossible to compile a coherent shoot (I could publish a book of photo with my face swamped with hair being blown by forces a lot stronger than a wind machine!), we have SUCH beautiful scenery to do these blustery shoots in.

Having lived in several other countries, there is no where else that I have been where you can travel from the city centre to the mountains or country side in less than 30 minutes; As Irish fashion bloggers we have the capacity to choose almost any location based on the tone of photo shoot we want to create.

Aside from that, we have stunning Irish clothing ranges which are unique to our heritage, one of the most notorious being the Aran jumper. I am lucky enough to have family on the Aran islands where these beautiful pieces originated from and, have had some of the classic pieces made for me by hand. They look stunning worn traditionally or styled with a modern twist like fellow fashion blogger Ciara O’ Doherty. It is a beautiful feeling to own hand-made pieces of Irish history, they are timeless and a just one representation of many many Irish talents in the clothing industry.

I think the Irish fashion industry both in terms of personal style and the textiles industry is very progressive, I am hugely proud to be a part of that. I intend to continue utilizing my beautiful country to showcase my daily fashion musings…. in spite of how difficult the weather tries to make it!


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  • Lauren says:

    I loved this post! I am so intrigued by other cultures; it’s very cool to have an inside scoop on what it’s like, especially what it’s like as a fashion blogger! You’ve made me add Ireland to the list of destinations to which I wish to travel, and potentially live one day.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks so much Lauren. Ireland is a great place to come visit and it has something for everyone. It may be a little cold though! xx

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