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Over the last month I decided that, on top of documenting everything I spent for my finances mini series, I would also document the time I put in to my work each week. Honestly, I did this initially just for myself… just to see how much time I was actually putting in to my content each week.

My collective time spent between creating content/sharing content/responding to people etc is so fractured with no set  time frame meaning, up until now I couldn’t have answered you if you asked how many hours I put in to it each week.

Now I can:

15 hr Researching, creating and sharing the events post

12 hrs Responding to direct messages, tags and comments on social media

7 hours Writing social media captions and, promoting that week’s posts on my various channels. Each of these takes 30 minutes a day; I enjoy trying to write engaging captions and, it takes to to re-promote content during the week so, these combined amount to an hour a day

6 hours Responding to e-mails from brands and PR companies

5hrs Shooting and editing images

4 hrs Shooting and editing my weekly A Day In Dublin vlog

3 hrs Creating and sharing my mini series

2 hrs Creating additional blog content such as ‘the best things to do on Valentine’s (I do one of these types of content a month and it takes me approx 8 hrs to research, create and share)

2 hrs Outfit planning, done every Sunday. I do this to avoid buying new clothes cause I want to discourage people from the idea of constantly needing new stuff and also, like most people, I can’t afford to regularly buy new clothes

1 hr Creating and sharing my Five For Friday

1 hr For Chatty Tuesdays

Total: 58 hours a week
(all time was calculated each week and rounded to the closest hour)

Is this more/less than you would have thought? Do you think there are areas I could save time on? Areas I should put more time in to? I”d love to hear your thoughts x

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  • Ellie says:

    I’m surprised (impressed) you can shoot and edit images in 5 hours and shoot and edit a vlog in 4! But then speedy working has never been my forte. X

    • Sarah says:

      Hey Ellie, thank you. Well, I didn’t include the actual time spent on the day for the vlogs to be fair or, the travel to any locations for images so I’m probably being too modest with that amount xx

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