What Drinks to Expect in The House of Peroni Residency This Year

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So, as you guys now know from my last post, The House of Peroni residency returns to Dublin this summer from July 5th-15th with an amazing menu of food… but what about the drinks??

I have visited Dublin’s House of Peroni residencies over the last two years, so knew we were in for a treat this year when it comes to the Peroni infusions, they’re so fun and creative which I absolutely love! I called in to sample some of the delicious drinks that will be on offer last week and I can tell you the menu is more exciting than ever!

Three of Ireland’s best up and coming mixologists were each tasked with creating a bespoke Peroni-infused for this years’ House of Peroni residency; Irish Bartender of the Year, Andy Ferrerira from Cask in Cork, Richie Delahoyde from The Vintage Cocktail Club and, Stephaine Shen from The Chelsea Drugstore in Dublin, have each taken inspiration from Italy and used their unique creative talents and skills to carefully craft their own Peroni infusion.

The result? Here’s what to expect:

Peroni Spritz

If you happen to stroll by a Piazza in Italy you will certainly see someone drinking a Spritz. The House of Peroni’s twist on the classic has a more complex combination of sweet, dry and citrusy elements, all balanced and enhanced by the addition of Peroni. The Peroni Spritz is the perfect way to start the evening in Italian Style. 

Peroni Pesca

Peroni’s iconic Federico Riezzo will be reprising his role as the overall drinks curator for the two week House of Peroni residency. Along with serving the very popular Peroni Spritz, Federico has also created this new Peroni Pesca for the occasion.

It’s a summery infusion, inspired by the classic Italian Bellini; It combines Peroni Nastro Azzurro with pink peppercorn infused gin, mandarin infused white vermouth, pink peach puree, lemon juice, citrus sugar, basil leaves and a sprinkle of pink peppercorn… I didn’t get a chance to try this during my tasting so I’m really looking froward to tasting it at The House of Peroni Residency.


Richie Delahoyde’s Stylissimo infusion is inspired by the flavour profile of Peroni Nastro Azzurro and the modern drinking trend of no added sugar. This is a light and aromatic cocktail, very easy to drink while still being full of flavour, the perfect summer cocktail!


The third infusion that’s on offer is the Giardino created by Andy Ferreira. It mixes Peroni Ambra, with vodka, vermouth and fennel syrup to give a subtle bitter taste with a hint of sweetness… I wasn’t lucky enough to try this during my tasting so it’s another one I’m really looking forward to sampling at The House of Peroni Residency.


Last but not least on my very enjoyable tasting tour of The House of Peroni infusions, was the Modena, created by Stephanie Shen. She took inspiration from Italian cuisine when creating the Modena. She blended elements found within Italian food to create a drink that highlights the different flavours of Peroni. This cocktail is fruity and refreshing, the balances of sweet strawberries with savoury notes from olive oil and basil work to create an incredible burst of flavour in your mouth…I was so intrigued by the tasting notes in this cocktail, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the flavour combination but I was blown away, it’s divine!

As always, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Peroni Gluten Free and Peroni Ambra will be served at the bars at The House of Peroni. Peroni infusions can also be made gluten free on request.

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Peroni, always drink responsibly visit drinkaware.ie

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