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If you follow me on Snapchat (username: icomeundone) you’ll know that I finally bit the bullet & got my ass into the dentists after many (… maaaaany ) years of finding more exciting things to spend my money on.

Dental House on Aungier St reached out to me about getting a check up & I jumped at the opportunity knowing that it was badly overdue… I wasn’t wrong- I needed 3 fillings!


Needless to say I wasn’t over the moon about an impending trip to the dentists but I’m not deathly afraid of them either. I was soon to learn that there was a lot more to be intrigued about than afraid of with these guys, namely that they deal with almost every dental issue in house from braces to dentures & everything in between.

No referral letters, no getting sent from A to B waiting weeks in between consultations… as a medical professional myself I was especially impressed with such an unusual set up- this isn’t common practice despite how much sense it obviously makes!

It doesn’t even end there, they also offer other treatments in house like botox… but I’ll leave that for the next post 😉


On arrival my first impression was that the staff were all young… not the usual expectation for a dentists. This made me feel more at ease & brought a fresh approach to dentistry that I hadn’t been familiar with.

Theresa on reception was so warm & welcoming with Rory the dentist & Karolina the dental nurse being so friendly & kind too… they had that calm, confident approach that you’re looking for when you climb onto that daunting dentist’s chair.

I was truly impressed with their knowledge and efficient way of working which left me feeling confident putting myself in their hands… even when he was coming at me with a syringe!

On asking more about their service I found out they offer fantastic payment plans (… no more excuses that we can’t afford to go!) AND interestingly, they’re open both before & after 9-5 hours…. seriously no excuses not to go now!

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So, was my experience with Dental House delightful? Eh no, I was still getting my teeth drilled & being prodded with needles! But it really ‘wasn’t too bad’ and, according to Rory that’s the best compliment a dentists can get!

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentists (I hear ya!) I’d highly reccomend giving these guys a shout for an affordable, accessible way to keep those gnashes in check.

**Disclaimer: Dental House generously offered my care complimentary. I was not paid or encouraged in any way to write this post.

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