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Recently LloydsPharmacy approached me to try out their Change Your Health Direction programme & share my experience with you guys- after reading up about it I jumped at the chance as I feel it stays true to my narrative and, that it would really adapt to my lifestyle.

So, here’s what it’s all about-

What It Is

It’s an 8-week programme accessible in any of their 94 stores nationwide (so there’s bound to be one near you), guided by a professional offering one-to-one consultations in a private room in-store.

Each location has a colleagues who is fully trained to mentor you through the programme & help you reach the health goals you set together during your first consultation whether that be weight loss, a lower blood pressure or smoking cessation.

What I Like About it

The fact that it’s completely free-

I know myself having dipped my toe in weekly weight loss meetings after a particularly indulgent college summer on J1 that the cost of said meetings can be a stinger some weeks and, the perfect excuse to bail on them the next so, this programme being void of any charge makes us void of any excuses really.

How easy it is to adapt the changes into your everyday life-

Not only is my mentor Leanne an absolute sweetheart, she took the time to help guide me towards health improvements that I personally want to make such as drinking more (… or any) water day-to-day.

The lack of pressure

LloydsPharmacy aren’t looking to force you into a bikini competition after the 8 weeks or, to pressure you into buying items in-store, there’s no unrealistic expectations and zero marketing tactics involved with this programme, it’s simply LloydsPharmacy taking the opportunity to help people help themselves.

What I Want Out Of It

I’d like to lose a little bit of weight-

If you follow me on Snapchat (icomeundone) you’ll know that I’m fairly au fait with fitness & healthy eating but, that I also have no qualms about coupling those habits with a colourful social life.

I really enjoy balance & steer clear (as best I can) of excessive self-deprecating; there’s enough negativity in the world without an internal dialogue full of doubt and criticism but, like most people my weight fluctuates a little & I prefer to be at the lower end (between 11 & 11.7 stone) of where I am right now (bang on 12).

This is still a healthy weight for my height (5 9′) but, I’d like to shed a few pounds to feel that bit more comfortable in my clothes during the (hopefully!) warmer months. Leanne & I agreed on a target of 6 lbs which feels very achievable over the 8 week phase.

I’d like to increase my water consumption-

No reason why I can’t achieve this other than feeling panicked if I’m not within 10 feet of a vacant bathroom every time I try to do something like this but, my water intake is appalling & I know I’ll see an improvement in my skin and energy with this boost in hydration.

I’d like to try some more simple healthy recipes-

I’ve gotten better with home cooking over the last few weeks after a conscious decision to pare back the perhaps outrageous amount I eat out day-to-day (yes as a food blogger I need to research new places but, 14 places a week? Not necessary!) but, while I’m well able to put a meal together, I’d love to feel a bit more inspired when it comes to home-cooking.

LloydsPharmacy have a really helpful blog which is updated with a new healthy recipe every week so, I’m going to attempt some of them during the 8-week programme as well as continue my new habit of smoothie making derived from an excitement to add some superfood blends to my diet.

So there you have it guys, all of what I’ll be up to over the next 2 months in an attempt to improve my heath direction. I’ll be documenting my recipes, fitness & experience of the programme on my social channels so be sure to follow my journey there to see how I get on, wish me luck! xx

*Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Lloyds Pharmacy but all text was done without influence & created by your’s truly.

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