Best Dublin Restaurants - 2014

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My pick of the Best Dublin Restaurants 2014

Best Brunch in Dublin


I LOOOVE to go out for brunch, its something Sean & I do every weekend that I’m off so we have been to a huge amount of brunch places over the last year all ranging from terrible to absolutely perfect. Here are my top 4 pics from this year:

1) The Greenery, Donneybrook; Great ambience, bright & spacious. Good mix of staples and more unusual offers on the menu.
2) Balfes; Great location, modern decor, delicious food, attentive staff.
3) Herbstreet; Perfect American style brunch menu, great atmosphere.
4) The Table; Lovely location, great views, perfectly done brunch dishes.

Best Lunch in Dublin


Theres a lot to be said for the humble sandwich and all varieties of which are served in Dublin. Heres the places that left me wanting more this year:

5) The Fumbally; Best salad plates in Dublin, huge bright space, options that are both healthy and delicious.
6) Meat and meat; Great spot for people watching, fantastic sandwich options.
7) Bibi’s; A little haven near the city centre… perfect lunch options & lovely calm atmosphere.
8) 147 deli; Hands down the best sandwiches in Dublin.

Best Dinner in Dublin


There are so many dinner places in Dublin worthy of a mention. I rarely eat out in high-end places and, quite simply, I feel there are enough amazing places as an affordable price around Dublin to keep even the most eager of foodies extremely happy:

9) Bear; Both bear and Skinflint are my favourite out af the Jo enterprise ventures. I spent a beautiful evening in Bear earlier in the year; simple food done really really well.
10) Chamelion; This restaurant serves beautiful Indonesian food in the heart of temple bar but it’s decor would transport you a million miles away. A great little getaway for a night out with friends.
11) Manifesto; This little Italian place in Rathmines is very unassuming but my god, do they serve good pizza. I’m not even a fan of Italian food but this place will not disappoint. Boasts having once won ‘best pizza in the world’. Enough said.
12) Bobo’s; Well, really, what better meal is there than a classic burger & fries? While I agree that both Bunsen and the counter are worthy of a mention, I think that Bobo’s just have the variety of toppings down.

13) The Mulberry garden; This is without doubt my number 1 recommendation for a special occasion. Beautiful setting, attentive staff, progressive menu and the perfect ambience. This is the place for that meal you’ve been planning.
14) Mak at D6; Theres a great ‘night out’ vibe to this place with music and dimmed lighting, perfect for a meal out with friends at the weekend. More importantly, the food is delicious. Tani  and HX46 are also fabulous Asian options on the south side.
15) Han Sung Korean; You may be very confused when you hit this spot & realise that it is, in fact, an Asian supermarket with something vaguely resembling a small canteen down the back of it. Dont be put off… really cheap authentic Asian cuisine awaits you!
16) Mulligan’s; This pub in Stoneybatter serves up the most perfect traditional Irish food with a modern flare. It’s always buzzing and the have a great drinks selection… win win.

Best on Dublin’s Outskirts and Best Cafes


I couldn’t possibly compile this list without these places. The restaurants are simply too good to be left off and the cafes are ones that delight & offer me a great place to go to catch up with friends:

17) Platform pizza; This funky little spot in Bray serves up amazing pizzas and sides… a must if you are out that direction.
18) The happy pear; This amazing little place in Greystones is always packed to the brim with happy people enjoying amazing healthy vegetarian food. So good, I drive the 34 kilometres just to get me some.
19) Two fifty square cafe; This cafe opened near my house this year and I absolutely love it. Beautifully bright location with gorgeous coffees and a laid back vibe; perfection.
20) Wall & Keogh; This place serves my favourite coffee in Dublin, has a huge selection of aromatic herbal teas and plenty of board games for a rainy day… what more could you want?

Believe it or not, I only considered doing this post after it was suggested to by readers despite how obvious it may have seemed to those who know me (or those who follow me on instagram!).

I really hope you gain something from this post, this is not even a 10th of the places that I have tried in Dublin this year, I’m imparting my knowledge so you can be sure that your next meal out (or 10!) will be a good one. If you have any must-try places that I havent mentioned I would really appreciate you sharing them with me in a comment below.

Please share this post with any Dublin based friends you have or, anyone travelling to Dublin who wants to eat well.


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    I love Alfies on south william street, beautiful fish & steak dishes:)x

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