14 Epic Dublin Valentines Dates for 2017

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Last week I reached out to the Snapchat fam feeling a little lost for inspiration & asking for suggestions on blog post topics, ones that would really add value to your lives (ok, perhaps a liiiittle ambitious but maybe add value to your day!?).

A few suggestions came up time & time again; one being to offer alternative suggestion for celebrating special occasions so, to honor those suggestions I’ve researched my top 14 things to do for valentines day this year without a cramped restaurant or greasy man selling roses in sight… enjoy!! x

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Experience the mind blowing acoustics of Christ Church Cathedral with Micheal McHale’s Beethoven Moonlight Sonata by candlelight; sit under the vaulted ceilings & enjoy how epic classical music sounds played out on a piano in a moonlit cathedral. One to remember!


Make the most of the slightly brighter evenings by throwing together a picnic & hitting the Iveagh Gardens for a romantic date. A flask of hot whiskey & plenty of snuggling will ward off any potential chill 😉

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Hit up Bray bowl for some BYO bowling followed by an epic pizza feast in Platform Pizza… my kind of date!


Head to The Sugar Club for a screening of what is arguably the best movie of all time: True Romance. They have a special screening for the night that’s in it & a full bar on offer.

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Always wanted to try a Bollywood party?? If your answer is yes then our lovely little city has you catered for with Sin Nightclub hosting that exact night on the 16th!

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Get down to Trinity’s Science Gallery for a varied Valentine’s night as Scientific Sue leads a tongue-in-cheek approach to explaining the chemistry of love in this entertaining and humorous show.

‘Lubricate yourself with a complimentary glass of Prosecco and let Sue enlighten you about the more interesting aspects of the central science in her Blumenthalesque style’.


Be dedicated tourists for the day by visiting the Guinness Storehouse, taking a horse & trap into town then hitting up some Temple bar pubs & finishing with a Ukulele Tuesday performance in The Stag’s Head

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Head to Thomas street for a Songs For Lovers night– The Charlie Moon Band taking on the back catalogue of one of jazz music’s all time greats, Chet Baker, during a very special evening of Songs for Lovers.


Splash out on one of Dublin’s most epic dining experiences & book in to The Chef’s table in Chapter One… a meal like no other with the secluded table adding an intimacy you’re very unlikely to get in another restaurant on February 14th!

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Hit the Dart with a bottle of vino… or two (as Caughal says ‘its better to be looking at it than looking for it’) & head to Dun Laoghaire. Once there invest in some deliciously steamy bags of chips & hit the harbour for the a fun date with a twist.

Find a spot to dangle your legs & let the conversation flow as easily as the wine. Eagle eyes will notice that I’ve previously suggested doing this in my ‘Dublin Micro Adventures’ post but its too good not to suggest here as well… I love this date!


Head to the cinema… with a twist. If you’re a true cinema fan but don’t fancy straining over the smooching sounds to hear the lines then Brook’s Private Cinema is the answer to your prayers… a far more intimate setting for a far more intimate feel 🙂

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Hit The Hideout for some competitive fun & avail of their BYO offer (€5 PP) to take it up a notch… that expensive vino will ease the pain of loosing, promise! The, once you’ve had your fill of pool head next door to the back of Kokoro where they serve the most epic ramen with lots of secluded booths where you can make up & make out.


Brush up on some new talents with Carla Dal Forno’s debut Irish performance happening in The Grand Social.

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If a datytime date is more your scene why not rent a tandem bike in the Phoenix Park and explore the ground with the one you love? Because nothing says I love you more than impractical shared commitment!


Well, there you have it guys, 14 epic ways to spend February 14th. Grab a mate or a lucky lover & give one of the suggestions a try… make sure to snap me on the day showing me what you get up to! (Snapchat: icomeundone)

Please share this post with any friends you think would enjoy it & comment below telling me what you like (… or don’t like!) the sound of xx

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    This is brilliant Sarah. Love it

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    Absolutely brilliant Sarah. Very well put together and something for everyone. ?

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