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 Kicking off the night with an Absolut pornstar   I'm so excited to say that I'm going to be doing TWO blog series over the next 6 weeks!  All of your amazing feedback on what you'd like to see more of on the blog has given me insight to focus on the 2 following topics in depth; 1) Dublin restaurants 2) Travel. I'll be focussing on different types of foods & dilemmas in the restaurant series (best vegetarian options, where to go on a sunny day ect) and, for the travel series I'll be posting about my advice to first time travellers, the pros & cons of each place we went on our round the world trip and more!  These series are based directly on topics you guys wanted so I really hope you love them! I'm currently in the process of preparing them with the travel series to be live in early August ✈️❣  Working on this month's food post has me thinking of the lovely @hollykatewhite saying to me recently that she'd love to see me do food posts such as 'my 5 favourite Asian restaurants' or, '10 great places to celebrate a birthday' ... I'm more than happy to produce this content as well as the regular posts on the new places I've tried each month (considering how much those are loved by you guys I'd be crazy to replace them!) so, I'd love to hear your comments on any food types/occasions you'd like to see me focus on in these posts❣  Loving the @pinksodasport range from @jdsportsie... Giving me the much needed motivation to get my ass in gear
 Excited to be off to the @galwayintarts with @absolutirl today ❣. Despite spending a lot of my childhood in Galway (thanks to my parents living on the Aran Islands) I've never been to the arts festival so I'm reeeeally excited to see what all the fuss is about! As usual there'll be plenty going on over on my Snapchat so head there to keep up icomeundone. Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend ❤️  Thank you for all the lovely feedback on yesterday's body confidence post .. After months on planning the piece I actually wrote it with a rush of inspiration while sitting on my bed after a workout yesterday! That sort of inspiration really helps me to write in a more authentic way so I hope it stays around for a while. If you haven't read the post you can click the link in my bio to see it in full  This weather is giving me life  Brought dinner to Stephen's green last night after spending the day working from home... Well worth doing if you've been stuck indoors all day ☀️❣  Great weekend spent with even greater friends
 Out & about with my constant companion❣❣ Keep up with my daily adventures (& my talent of turning coffee into wine... ☕️) over on Snapchat-  icomeundone  There's a new blog post now live on icomeundone.com (link in bio) detailing my 5 top tips to feel confident in what you're wearing every.damn.day. These are things I've learnt the hard way over the years so be sure to give it a read if you never want to suffer a case of 'WhyTheFDidIWearThis' syndrome ever again  ❣  Managed to get work done today in spite of the bloody glorious weather ☀️ Absolutely delighted with the results from Friday's treatment with the amazing ladies at @reviveskinandlaserclinic, check my Twitter (icome_undone) to see before & after images   6 months into our backpacking adventure we were based in northern India, in an area where we washed with the locals in the communal baths of scorching hot spring water , were woken every morning by the sound of laughing yoga being practiced in the hills nearby and, ate the most insane Indian cuisine  (one of dishes I'm obsessed with from travelling was discovered in this area). || At this point into our travels; 3 continents down, 4 world wonders & countless days lost to the function of getting from A to B we were completely at ease with the day-to-day madness that travelling is likely to unearth ✈️... We stayed in this area for 2 weeks getting to know the locals & running into a few mad situations (1 that springs to mind is convincing a car already overflowing with 6 people to give us a lift through the mountains to get to a forest rave we'd heard about... we found it... had a great time... Then discovered we'd no way of getting home again) . || It was in this area that I got a tattoo that symbolised an idea that I'd wanted to make permanent for a while: 'if you never jump, you'll never fly'. I found a girl who did the tattoo by hand with a needle taped to a healing crystal giving the perfect handwritten effect that I wanted .... 3 years home & I still try to live life by that mantra