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 Dublin city views from #TheHouseOfPeroni   Look for today's #throughthelookingglass premier with @urbandecaycosmetics ✌️ Kudos to @roisin.tfo for the jacket inspo & @leannewoodfull for the pic   Details from today's Italian brunch with #TheHouseOfPeroni   Cheers to the freakin' weekend  ✨✨✨✨✨✨From the archive✨✨✨✨✨✨ My first summer home from travelling at London's Holi Festival... cleeeearly having a great time!  I'd be lying if I said I knew who these 2 people are but sure, we were obviously getting along famously on the day Happy Friday everyone
 Working on May's restaurant post is making me feel veeeeery hungry  #GetInMyBelly #AlwaysHungry  Gorgeous set up for @urbandecaycosmetics #udinwonderland afternoon tea ☕️  ✨✨✨From the archives✨✨✨|| South America was the first continent we travelled, hitting Brazil first (& some serious Rio carnival madness!) before Bolivia & then on to Peru . Instead of going as part of an organised tour, we decided that we were quuuuite the adventurers & would get to Machu Picchu by bus, minibus & foot... That plan (advised against by the local tourism board when we arrived in looking for maps!) just may have worked if there hadn't been a landslide meaning our minibus had to stop, giving us the only option of starting out on foot miles back from where we'd anticipated. We hit a forest as the sun went down & followed an old disused wooden railway line through the trees in the hopes that it'd eventually bring us to a town ... It lead us to a swelling waterfall, with the only means of passing being the rotting wooden sleepers, 5 foot apart, suspended over raging water . We had one torch between us. Taking turns to jump from board to board, we reached the other side to see the lights of Machu Picchu's nearest town in the distance ✨.... And there we are, smiling away like we'd swanned in on private jet . All part of the adventure ❣  ✨✨✨From the archives✨✨✨|| Sean & I at one of the Shaw's infamous Toejam car boot sales ... The sun was always shining for those days, felt like the whole world was there, drinks were flowing , tunes were blaring & people from around Dublin were selling the coolest threads for next to nothing ☀️. Such a shame they had to be stopped as they were the BEST way to spend a summer day in Dublin . If my memory serves me the Xmas one even had hot tubs and mulled Buckfast... Not your average back yard sale . Those who say there's nothing to do in Dublin are simply not looking in the right places ✌️
 ✨✨✨From the archives✨✨✨|| This day next week I'll be turning 30 so, to celebrate in the lead up to that I'm sharing some of my favourite memories from my 20's- memories from before this little platform was created that helped shape me into the person I am today✌. || 7 months after we first met, Sean & I backpacked around South East Asia together during our summer break from college✈️✈️. Koh Chang was the first island we visited in Thailand, staying in a forest tree house with no electricity or running water for the time we were there ... It was equal parts romantic & impractical but, laid a foundation of adventure & resourcefulness which has thankfully remained a theme in our relationship to this day . I afforded the trip by working night shifts during the week on top of day shifts at the weekend; strenuous but more than worth it. Missing luggage, matching full moon party tattoos & a near-drowning experience also make up the tale of that trip but, they're stories for another time❣❣.  ✨✨✨From the archives✨✨✨|| 7 months into our backpacking adventure we got wind of tubing bars along the Mekong river in Loas 🇱🇦... We'd been doing causal work in a Thai bar so thought we'd head over & see what the fuss was all about-got to Vang Vieng & it was, without doubt, the MADDEST place I've ever been. People using tyre tubes to float down a river getting pulled into bars the whole way down & everyone up for the the time of their lives . We got jobs in the river's first bar taking the roll of getting everyone's day off to mental start... We lived there for 4 months at the river every day where money became irrelevant (we worked for our keep) and dress up, spray paint and making it home alive became central to our world! Nights were spent in the bar's town location getting everyone dancing & serving drinks... 3 hours off a day. Every day. Don't think I could do it now but I absolutely bloody loved it at the time ☺️☺️. We stumbled out of Laos barefoot, withered & just in time to make it to Oz before our visas expired ✈️✈️  In the wise words of many Instagrammers before me, 'wine not?' || Happy Friday everyone, go get your freak on   Adidas & H&M Balmain for #thehouseofperoni launch last night ✌️✌