i come undone


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 Tonight's eats Snapchat-> icomeundone  Already in my PJs   I'm not passionate about cooking, Sean is however so he does 90/99% of the home cooking  buuuut, when I do make the effort to put a meal together it's usually something simple, healthy but rich in flavour like this late breakfast; spiced sweet potato, Turkey, onion, red pepper and wilted spinach. Topped off with a poached egg   SO much fun at first at this evening's #tanchella event
 This place   Outtake from one if this week's shoots✌️ Hope errryone is havin a chill Saturday ❤️  Sushi garnished with dry ice at Banyi   This sunny weather has me dreaming of more stamps ✈️✈️
 Today's details ✌️Follow me on snapchat to see what I get up to-> icomeundone  New look now live on icomeundone.com (link in bio) featuring these perf pinstripe trousers and beige duster that I picked up on sale for €15  ❤️  Yesterday's details for the Estrella Damm and #tanchella events ✌️ Loving this @parfois_ clutch ❤️  I'm starting a new blog series next week on places to eat out in Dublin . It'l be a monthly feature rounding up the best & worst places I'v been each month. I know this isn't beneficial to all my readers as some of you (a lot of you?) don't live in Dublin but hopefully you can use it as reference for visiting ❤️