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 This week's Depop stock went live yesterday so make sure to check it out if you'd like to shop my wardrobe (Username: icomeundone)  Don't forget that you lovely 'gram fan get free shipping  New stock upload evvveery Monday ✌️  Sharing scenes from my time in India while I sit in Inis Meáin with a broken phone . My 6th travel post 'what tracking taught me' went live on the blog yesterday detailing 8 things that I learnt backpacking the world ... Hope you guys enjoy reading it xx  "If you don't go after what you want you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is alway no. If you don't step forward you're always in the same place." Nora Roberts. ❤️ || Thank you for the lovely feedback on yesterday's travel post (link in bio) documenting 16 'wild & woeful tales' from my 2 year backpacking adventure✈️ ... Stories that'll either make you want to travel more or, never travel again! Hope you enjoy ❣x  Right at this moment I'm sitting in Kilkenny airport about to jump 10K out of a plane ✈️. In other news, the above photo is from a village we stayed in a remote island in The Philippines, one of the most beautiful but difficult places to travel. The 4th part of the travel series 'my 5 unconventional tips for first time travellers' is now linked in my bio xx
 Well, that's it for the travel series guys, it's been a good one! ❤️❤️ A HUGE thank you again for the response it got, I never anticipated that so many people would be interested in reading about my backpacking adventure!✈️ If you haven't caught up yet, the 7 posts detailing my highs & lows of each country, some of the craziest stories, what travelling taught me, my tips for a first time backpacker & what to pack for a round the world trip are all live on icomeundone.com & they include my favourite personal photos from all 14 countries we travelled over the 2 years . It's been immense to sit down & compile the whole series but worth it for the feedback & trip down memory lane❣  Happy Friday everyone ✌️✌ Part 6 of the travel series just went live on the blog talking about what 2 years of backpacking taught me about life... and myself ! There's some lessons you might expect but a lot you wouldn't  The post also contains photos from my time spent travelling Australia in a beat up Hiace van , hope you guys enjoy reading it (Direct link to the post in my bio x)  Ever wonder just how crazy shit can REALLY get when your travelling? Part 5 of the travel series detailing 16 'wild & woeful tales' from our trip just went live on the blog  (Direct link in bio) Do these crazy scenarios make you want to travel more? Or less? I'd love to know! ❣  Yesterday's getup ✌️✌️(Shirt dress of DREAMS linked on my FB- icomeundoneblog) This week's Depop stock has just been uploaded, search icomeundone on the app to find me & don't forget that all ya'll get FREE shipping!  Also, if you want to see me do something I've never done before (... & prob never will do again!) make sure to keep an eye on Snapchat tomorrow  x
 The final part of my travel series just went live on the blog with my photos from Indonesia & The Philippines documenting the hardest parts about leaving to travel for 2 years and, the hardest parts about coming home . Thank you SO much for the amazing response to this series ❤️❤️, it was really enjoyable to share a huge part of my life with you guys from my day-to-day experience of travelling the world ✈️, my personal photo collection & some of my most spine chilling & ridiculous stories ... It's been a pleasure ❣ (Direct link to the new post in my bio x)  The weekend is almost here!!  If you're looking for brunch inspo don't forget that the food section of icomeundone.com lists over 100 amazing Dublin restaurants & more unreal brunch spots than you'll be able to get through in a year... There's no harm in trying tho!   New stock has been added to my Depop including this gorgeous grey fedora  Search icomeundone on the app or click the 'shop' tab on the blog  xx The most anticipated part of the travel series our 'wild & woeful tales' will be live later today detailing the maddest shit that happened to us in our 2 years backpacking  Hope you guys enjoy it! ❤️   Walking across the Mekong river in Vang Vieng, Loas where I worked everyday for 4 months in a tubing bar barefoot in a bikini . This was at the end of our travels before we hit Oz to make some money & hit the road again ✈️... So many amazing memories in this 4 months where we worked for our keep & our job was to create an atmosphere in the first bar that people started in... Great times  || Part 4 of the travel series is now live with 'My Five Unconventional Tips For a First Time Traveller' with the post containing some of my favourite photos from India; one of the most photogenic counties in the world 🇮🇳. Direct link to the post in my bio, hope you guys love it x