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 A new post just went live on icomeundone.com (link in bio) detailing my ultimate tips for successful selling in Depop . Whether you're a novice or, an avid seller these tips will up your game . Ive learnt a lot as someone who's sold online & at markets for as long as I can remember and today is the day I impart that knowledge on you guys  (Hint: this post will be useful if you avail of the service I'm offering through the blog soon ). Why not start selling today!?🤔 #NoTimeLikeThePresent  Those vintage tees tho   En route back to Dublin after a gorgeous few days road trippin' around Ireland ❣ Now for a busy few days of catching up with work, meetings & events  xx  This week's Depop sales have just gone live  Search icomeundone on the app to find me or click the 'shop' tab on icomeundone.com  || Spent a gorgeous few days in Clare over the weekend, now in Galway for the day before we fly out to Inis Meáin-more over on Snapchat (icomeundone). Hope all you beautiful peeps had a great weekend
 Stepping away from the monochrome uniform for a minute with a mix of colours, textures & patterns... Not one to do things by halves || My top 3 brunch options for this week are now linked in my bio so check there if you're looking for the perfect catch up spot this wkendx  On my way to a meeting about a really exciting service I'll be launching in the next couple of weeks . Ironically it'll combine my detox nursing work & current blogging work in a roundabout way . If you're the 'always shopping but never have anything to wear' type, this service will offer you the perfect way to turn that all around... once you're willing to spend a day with me!  More info to come as the service comes closer to launching . Hint; if icomeundone is #ICU then the service will be #ICUD... SO excited to share more with you guys as the venture progresses! ❣❣  My failsafe when in a rush is to style a statement bag, jacket or shoes into an all black outfit... Thought that was a fab idea with this look last week until I tried to walk into town in these gorgeous but painful new shoes#StillRecovering #TheStruggleWasReal  All the pieces in this look are shared on my FB page (link in bio) xx  If it's not on icomeundone.com, I wouldn't risk it . Wheather you're looking for an indulgent brunch or Sunday date night option today there's over 100 amazing Dublin restaurants listed on the blog offering something for everyone . Click the direct link in my bio & you'll have your perfect spot chosen in 5 minutes
 Dublin: the hole with the pole  Happy Friday everyone, hope ya'll have some lovely stuff planned. I'll be at the repeal march tomorrow so if you're going make sure to say hiiii x  Pay day is fiiiiinally here so, being the good, responsible friend that I am I've shared some of my absolute favourite online shopping sites on my Facebook page (link in bio) from great minimalist options to bargain sites for statement pieces... Happy shopping!   "The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower or standards. They either help us become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves. We become like our friends. No man becomes great on his own. No woman becomes great on her own. The people around then help make them great" Pic from @aoifecooksey's gorgeous Insta feed ❤️  First day of the road trip today exploring the Ailwee caves before hitting the Harley Davidson festival later tonight  Snapchat icomeundone