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 Soul food   Dyyyying over the cashmere 2 pieces at the @warestyle #WarehouseAW15 press day . So much beautiful stock due in next month... Making the winter transition that little bit easier.  Weekend flashback.Who else wishes they were here instead of working?    Just shot this look for a post on how to style your girlie dresses in a not so 'girlie' way ✌ If you're looking for ways to restyle the pieces you already own rather than forking out money for new clothes this post is for you ❤️ Want inspiration for new ways to wear those shorts or that cardigan? Snap me what items you'd like to see restyled & I'll do a blog post on it sooooooon  (snapchat: icomeundone)
 Layering || Textures || Shapes   New post now live on icomeundone.com where I talk about how to re-style items you already own instead of splashing out on new stuff  Tired of always shopping but feeling like you've 'nothing to wear'? This is the post for you❤️  This burnt orange cami & All saints kimono are some of the last few bits added to my Depop during the week ✌️✌ I'll be taking ALL of my Depop stock to Siopaella on Wednesday so if you want any pieces be sure to grab them now ❤️. Check snapchat to see a run through of all the pieces & snap me if you'd like any before they're gone!!  (Snapchat/Depop username: icomeundone)  New post now live guys! Stepping out of my comfort zone a little with a double denim style Read how I tweaked the look to suit my style showing, that you can apply these ideas to any trend you want to conquer...Hint? It's alll in the detail❤️ (Click the link in my bio to read the full post✌️)
 Since its national dog day I thought I'd share this I had 2 dogs growing up but was particularly close to this little lady- Tovie lived for 18 years & I had the honour of being with her for all that time but, as I grew up she grew old. ||| When she was 16 I went travelling; sure that I'd never see her again I said some very tearful goodbyes... I made my parents promise not to keep it from me when she passed as I was sure it would be 'when', not 'if'. ||| To my absolute delight, after more than 2 years travelling she was still alive when I booked my flight home. I was ecstatic to see her... To the point that Sean even asked my parents to bring her to the airport. ||| When we landed in Dublin mom had to tell me that Tovie had died just hours before. They buried her then drove to the airport to collect me. I never got to see her again. ||| If you have a dog, you are so lucky and, if I see your dog I will without doubt try to touch it! Happy #NationalDogDay everyone ❤️❤️ #CanITouchYourDog  Had a day full of excitement planned... until I was reminded that Ireland loves rainy summer days ☔️  Birra' bling ✨  Full look from the latest post on icomeundone.com (✨Clickable link in bio✨) Talking styling when you're unsure weather to go dressy or casual (My answer? take elements from both ) Happy Friday everyone ❤️❤️