i come undone


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 Great to see the Shaw doing markets again  Perfect way to spend a Sunday. Add me on snapchat for a full look-> icomeundone ❤️ Adding back as many people as I can ☺️☺️  Today is a good day; equality ruled & Sean picked me this flower ☺️  Peek at the sports luxe look for today's shoot with @officialplt. Can't wait to see the finished piece   Exciting day of shooting with @officialplt  (as well as voting, ofc)... The lovely Kim in @sugarcubeddub is in the process of turning my mop into a funky up style. Keep up on snapchat to see the finished look ✌️
 Loved this little London coffee spot ❤️ @sohogrind  What a great day to be Irish  Beautiful to see the city full of so many happy people   I just cast my first ever vote  I'm not proud of the fact that I've never voted before but what I am proud of is how much passion our nation has shown towards this particular referendum, I've never seen such an outpouring of love & acceptance ❤️❤️. Some of the most significant people in my life happen to be gay... I want them to be happy and would never want anyone to feel unequal because of being 'different'... Different is a beautiful thing. Anyone I truly admire in life is 'different' in some way. Anyway, today is a historic day and hopefully for the right reason. Yay for gay is what I say  Finally got to try @tibits_restaurants & get maaaaa vegan feast on
 There's a new summer layering look now live, come over to icomeundone.com to see the full shoot ✌️  Brunch deets. Nothing better than ice tea in the sunshine   Absolutely LOVE my street up style done by the lovely Kim on @sugarcubeddub . Now to get this shoot done so I can get to the most important part of the day... Voting!!  #StyledBySugarCulture  Have you seen the latest look on icomeundone.com? Going boho to theeee max