i come undone


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 Yesterday's wedding look ✌️  Indeed.  Dublin's Chinese NY celebrations   Dublin city deets. Snapchat icomeundone
 Weekend plan   How to show off a tan in winter 1.01: Tuck your jumper into your bra to create a winter crop top  #DesperateTimes  Morning spent in @tropicalpopical celebrating the launch of @alexandani's beautiful ring collection  #layeRING #AlexAndAniRingLaunch #PositivePaws  Working 39hrs over the weekend... I'll take the whole bag, please. ☕️
 Look for my cousin's wedding today✌️. Thank you so much to the lovely @alideehairstyle for creating exactly the upstyle I wanted ❣. See the full look on Snapchat icomeundone  I got the chance to try out @fallonandbyrne's new lunch menu yesterday & was blown away!  The quality of food, beautiful presentation & attentive staff made the whole experience perfect. || If you're looking for a business lunch spot or, somewhere special to bring a loved one... This is the place for you (Their Bloody Mary is the die for too! )  Rainy days in work -vs- These days in Perth  This coconut milk drink was the   Last weekend's brunch spot ☀️ (.... Currently stock taking the medical supplies in work- Not quite as exotic ) x