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 Currently in the process of styling an autumn lookbook for inspo on how to dress for this unpredictable time of year - Look out for it on the blog next week   What I collected travelling: Stamps, memories & accessories... The only thing light enough to lug around ✈️ Have you read my most popular blog post EVER!? My top budgeting tips for a backpacking adventure- how I afforded to travel 14 counties across 3 continents 2 years after college. If I can do it, so can you ❤️❤️ Tag any friends who wants to travel or, anyone you'd like to convince. Link to the full post in my bio x  October: month of the best holiday. Here's one of my fave costumes- A 1950's diner lady complete with burger earrings made from dog togs & vintage rollers wrapped in a scarf   So many amazing pieces at the @boohooofficial A/W & Xmas preview... The 70's trend is still going strong & the men's collection is ahhhmazing ❤️
 Got to check this place out last night ✌️  Guys, today is world mental health day. As anyone who follows me on snapchat (icomeundone) will know, I'm a psychiatric nurse. I've worked in psychiatry for 6 years & have been working in a residential detox unit for the homeless since I returned from travelling over 2 years ago✈️. || One of the most important yet, most simple pieces of advice I can give to anyone who's just not feeling like themselves is to ✨✨talk✨✨. Talk to a friend, to a family member or anybody you trust... You'll feel instantly better for opening up & feel a weight lifted knowing that you've shared your thoughts . To anyone that's approached by a loved one who's suffering, the best thing you can do is ✨✨listen✨✨ & make them feel safe. Call over, bring movies & climb under the duvet with them. Just being there & listening will help more than you could ever imagine ⛅️⛅️.  Feeling the boho hippie viiibes after my trip to Ibiza ✌️✌️ Don't forget to step outside the box when it comes to the clothes you already have; I threw this thrifted scarf & fur collar on as a kind of 'winter kimono' for last night's occasion.... Using your clothes & accessories in unexpected ways allows you to see your wardrobe in a whole new light xx (Check out my Ibiza holiday snaps as well as my list of 'dos & don'ts'- link in bio)  Hair washing day: the.struggle.is.real
 A day spent in @leannewoodfull's company is always   ☝️One of my favourite photos from travelling || Less than 2 years after I left college I spent 25 months travelling 14 countries across 3 continents ✈️. I travelled 10 countries before landing in Australia where I worked for 8 months in Melbourne's psychiatric facilities then travelled Oz & left to backpack more from there.... Aside from the income from that work I didn't earn any other money on the trip. Whenever I touch on this massive trip, people always ask me to do a blog post on it... So that's what I've done✌️. Click the link in my bio to see my top tips for budgeting for a big trip, as well as all of my fave photos from the adventure. I'd love to hear your feedback on the post, I really hope you like it ☺️.  Last night's look christened by @james_patrice as Mrs.Madame ❤️  Ibiza travel diary now live on the blog guys❤️❤️ If you need to what to do and, what definitely NOT to do while there... This is the post for you ✈️ xx