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 Thank you @boohoo for the gorgeous gift  I've a busy day ahead of meetings, events and, a hair appointments to get something I've never done before ()... Keep up on snapchat to see how it goes down icomeundone  So excited to be working with @mandsireland styling some of their gorgeous A/W 16 pieces in a blog post coming later this week ... It's the first personal style post I've done since I went full time with the blog so I'll be chatting about what that's been like too ✍. Hope you guys enjoy reading it xx #ad  Little throwback photo of Dublin being gorg   Such an amazing experience to get to visit @lustybegisland with @debenhamsire ❤️ This place is nothing short of perfection  Pic by the gorgeous @clementinemacneice
 There's a new blog post on icomeundone.com (linked in my bio) talking about last week's 24hrs on @lustybegisland with @debenhamsire  If you're an Irish reader considering a staycation or someone planning to visit Ireland & looking for ideas, Lusty Beg is a must x  Back in the gym this morning after a 2 week hiatus ... The first because I was really under the weather & needed to rest. The second? I was out of routine & lacking motivation. I could say I was 'too busy' but honestly, I simply didn't want to make time for it . The last thing I wanted to do today was workout but, I knew I needed to; both mentally & physically. Do I regret it now? Of course not, you never will . Even when I was working 12-hr shifts in nursing I would be queuing outside the gym at 6.30am to fit a workout in before my shift... because, when I was in a routine I never went long enough to forget how much better my day went once I'd started it with a sweat . I frequently get asked on snapchat about how I stay motivated to workout & my answer is always that, instead of saying 'I don't have time' I'll say 'it's not a priority' because, once I put it that way I'll argue with myself about how it absolutely IS!! One hour less sleep, less watching TV... Even a 15 minute HIIT session if your day really is THAT busy ⌛️. As a mental health professional I've heard first-hand time & time again how effective exercise is when it comes to depression so I know that you need to workout the most when you want to the least . Stop making excuses & make it happen... You got this  #mondaymotivation  Bringing my summer dresses into Autumn with ankle boots & a leather jacket❤️... Friday evening may be upon us but I'll be having a quite weekend in prep for next weeks Halloween celebrations followed by a weekend at @metropolis_festival ... Can't wait!  The booking page for the icomeundone wardrobe detox service has now gone live (linked in my bio) with much requested prices listed for all 3 tiers of service (as well as listing exactly what each tier offers) ❣❣. The service will be available from November 1st with a blog post detailing why I felt it is so vital & stating the exact number of clothing items I feel is perfect to complete your wardrobe!!...  (If you couldn't imagine counting them you need this service ) Wishing everyone a brilliant weekend, as usual I'll me documenting whatever I get up to on Snapchat  icomeundone || Click the link in my bio to shop the exact pieces in this look including these leather ankle boots that I've now loved for 3 years... If you're looking for the perfect boots this winter I'd HIGHLY recommend these, so chic & comfortable xx  Staying on the beautiful @lustybegisland with @debenhamsire tonight... Already in love #debenhamsatlustybeg Nails by @sugardollsnailbar in one of Gelish's perfect new Autumn shades
 Thanks for a lovely day babes! I read this line in a book yesterday and I think it fits you perfectly "Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets" love you xxx || Message from my long time love, my bestie @cathal.kenny   Spent the morning organising my next 6 week's worth of Depop sales which'll include some of your most loved pieces from my wardrobe this year (... like this suedette moto jacket which will be live tomorrow 🤗). You. can expect gorgeous coats, shoes, accessories, beauty products & more from now until Christmas which will leave me under the number of items I state to be the 'perfect amount of clothing' in my blog post about why I feel the wardrobe detox service is vital . (Blog post live on the first day the service will be available, Nov 1st) Search icomeundone on the Depop app to find me & be sure to ask for discounts on bulk buys ❣  My Friday night is sorted with a box of the most unreal selection of goodies from @thecupcakebloke  Make sure to visit them on Coppinger Row today to get a free slice of their @blasnaheireann award winning Earl Grey, Cranberry & Orange Tea Brack & congratulate them on their 3 years in business in that little iconic Dublin street... What would it be without their delicious treats? Congrats guys  #freebrackfriday  Heading away for the night feeling fab with a much needed hair revamp from the lovely Emma at @kellyleunghairdesign ❤️ I asked for really blended light pieces & that's exactly what I got, so happy with it